Write reviews, please!

Hi, people.  Would you please do a review of my books?  Even if they’re negative!

And do the same elsewhere, Goodreads or whatever.  Or just mention them elsewhere.


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About Laer Carroll

Laer is a former aerospace engineer who recently retired to work as professional writer.
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2 Responses to Write reviews, please!

  1. Laer,

    I have written reviews on Amazon for the four kindle stories that you wrote.

    I look forward to writing reviews for more of your stories.

    When will you have the one about the Spaniard released.

    Ed Patterson

  2. Laer Carroll says:

    Many thanks! Good or bad, as Hollywood says “There’s no such thing as bad publicity.” Not ALWAYS true, but often.

    Oddly enough, I just started writing one of the books about immortal warrior Roberto Rodriguez. I spent all day Monday doing reading, then all day Tuesday roaming around the area in which he moves in 1901. This is a BIG effort, so don’t expect anything but an occasional snippet for some time. This is the one where he finally meets Mary McCarthy again, in L.A. where she has become a movie star in the newly-invented talkie movies.

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